Richard Hastings Newsletter

Hello Friends and Fans, 
Sorry for late mailer this month... Just a few public dates left..... 
As many of you know, I released another new CD a couple months ago. It's doing well... It's all music of my cousin, Tim Hardin, who penned such classics as: If I Were A Carpenter and Reason To Believe. It is called The Last Troubadour, Tim Hardin Legacy. 
It's currently available at:,. 
You can hear it and Purchase it from my website: 
Or search for it on iTunes, Amazon, and your favorite streaming station. 
see new videos at: 
I am very proud of this project and, as many of you know, it's been a labor of love, long overdue! I got some of Tim's original band mates, including John Sebastian to contribute to the CD. 
Here is my schedule for January. Out of town for the first two weeks of room R&R. 
I'm happy to say I am returning to Fashion Island Hotel, Fireside Sessions. It’s my favorite gig. It’s a quiet and cozy atmosphere outside complete with a warm fire and great eats and drinks. I have written a lot of songs lately and include my originals and songs from the new Tim Hardin release. Also my pop/vocal mix from James Taylor to Sting to John Mayer. 
Fashion Island Hotel (by fashion Island)   
690 Newport Center Drive 
Newport Beach 
(*please note, if raining, the date is cancelled) 
SATURDAY 2/15   6:00-9:00 
SATURDAY 2/29    6:00-9:00 

I am also pleased to still be performing  at  Andrea Restaurant in The Resort at Pelican Hill, performing my Spanish guitar vibe at this fine dining establishment. 
22701 Pelican Hill Road South, Newport Coast 
WEDNESDAY 2/12  6:00-9:00 
FRIDAY 2/21 6:00-10:00 
SATURDAY 2/22 6:00-10:00 

Also, for those who are members of the Newport Beach Country Club, I will be at the members dinner  every Tuesday. (members only) 

"If I retired, all I would do is play music.... I guess I am retired.." 
…..Richard Hastings