If I retired, all I would do is play music.... I guess I am retired.. ”

— Richard Hastings


 Singer/Songwriter Dedicates CD To Fiancee After Her Passing 

Long Beach, California   March 04, 2019   Entertainment News 

March 4, 2019 (Seal Beach, California) - When musician Richard Hastings was encouraged by his then girlfriend Karol Phillips to once again pursue his songwriting, neither could have imagined that the songs would become prophetic. In their early days of dating she would hear Richard performing instrumental music as a flamenco, classical, and jazz player. When she heard him one evening doing pop vocals she said, "Richard, that is what you need to be doing!" 

She also often loved listening to a compilation album of songs from the 60's. Tim Hardin's Reason to Believe was on the album and Richard would say, "That's my cousin Tim!" Not knowing Tim's music, Karol began to research him and discovered Tim's beautiful legacy of music. She encouraged Richard to release a cd of Tim's songs. Since Tim was Richard's early musical inspiration, it made sense to return to his own songwriting and to revisit Tim's music. 

Sadly, during the production of both cd's, Karol discovered she had cancer. Richard stood by her and literally traveled the world to find a cure. During this time, he was still writing songs and expressing his feelings and pain through song. Songs inspired from those times include If I Only Had a Miracle, Tell Her, Tears Across the Sunset and more. As time went on Karol's condition worsened and she tragically succumbed to the disease January 7, 2017. 

Despite his grief, Richard gathered the strength to complete and release both projects. Another Life (Fate Cuts Like a Knife), was finally released in January of 2019, on the anniversary of Karol's passing, and Last Troubadour, The Tim Hardin Legacy will be released in April. 

"This has been a true joy to return to my songwriting," Richard said in a recent interview. "As a young boy, watching my older cousin Tim perform was a true inspiration. As I went through my musical journey as a working musician in Southern California, I explored and performed everything from traditional jazz, smooth jazz, Latin music, classical music, pop, etc., but I always felt a need to return to my original roots as a songwriter. These two projects are the culmination of that creative desire and I have finally come full circle. The response to Another Life has been overwhelming". 

Richard's "gentleman country" style, somewhat reminiscent of Gordon Lightfoot, beautifully brings to life his heartfelt lyrics. His song craft and acoustic arrangements are immaculate, while his rich writing style is melodic, original and accessible. Another Life (Fate Cuts Like a Knife) and the upcoming Last Troubadour, The Tim Hardin Legacy are testaments to his tremendous talent. 

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Another Life (Fate Cuts Like a Knife)

Richard Hastings started his musical journey playing at the age of 7 and has been a professional working musician (guitarist and vocalist) his entire adult life as performer, studio musician, composer, educator, music contractor and recording artist. Although his styles include classical, jazz, pop, country and flamenco, his passion has always been songwriting. Another Life (Fate Cuts Like a Knife) his latest CD, released 2019, is a deeply personal expression of his life's lessons and experiences. His "gentleman country" style is a perfect vehicle to express his lessons of loss, love and life.


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