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Tears across the Sunset

I got tears across the sunset
Tears in my view
Tears are on my window
Looks like the moon’s been crying too

I got tears across the sunset
Flowing into the deep blue sea
Tears in my rear view mirror
Making memories hard to see

Thinking about you
Thinking about you
Thinking about you

We were so busy making memories
Just floating through time together
So busy making so many dreams come true
We were so busy thinking all this
Would go on forever
Things to see, things to do

All the years we watched that sunset
It always set us free
A mirror on our lovelight, you and me
Forever and ever amen
And it was meant to be
Happily ever after in the end

Chorus 2nd half

You, look for my love letters to heaven to
You, until that day we’ll be together
Again, No more tears across the sunset…. then