1. All About You
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You know I've heard that song before
must be a thousand times or more
but the words passed thru my door

but, like a symphony of song
this time they bust out all night long
funny how this time I knew
it's all about you,

you know that radio's my friend
the clichés never end
hearts don't break they bend
so they told us

But this time I've gone too far
Been acting like a fallen star
but I’m falling for you now
Right (straight) from the heart

It's all about you
it's all about us
they're singing bout love
and talking bout trust
With a tear in my eye, I can’t deny
Once and for all this song rings true
it's all about you

you know the sweetest songs I've heard
keep (speak) the truth in every word
the lesson in the lines is worth learning

from mountain high to the river wide
this time the words hit home inside
same old song
but it’s all brand new

repeat bridge
It’s all about you …It’s all about you and me and us…….