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ME MYSELF AND I Richard Hastings

I don’t need your company tonight
Just letting you know baby, everything’s all right
I won’t miss you, even if I try
I ain’t lonely baby
I got me myself and I

We got game on, we got beer
We ain’t worried about where we go from here
We got history, this I can’t deny
We ain’t lonely baby, we got me myself and I

We don’t worry about tomorrow
We don’t need deep conversation
Got no time for pain and sorrow
Got no time for obligation

Me and the boys, we got our own rhythm
Singing the blues, just don’t wanna live em
Singing songs that don’t make me cry
Got my groove on now
With me myself and I

We don’t need no chardonnay at sunset
We don’t need no long walk on the beach
We don’t need no dozen roses
I reckon we’re complete

But If you yourself, or anybody else
Is feeling lonely, drop on by the house
Though we don’t need no company tonight
Three’s a party baby
You yourself and I
We’ll have a real good time
You yourself
And me myself and I