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IF I ONLY HAD A MIRACLE Richard Hastings

I was lonely you were lovely
I was looking for a place to hide
I was taken by the way you took me in and took it all in stride
Falling in love was something beautiful for you and I
But when things went wrong this time it took us by surprise

If I only had a miracle
If I only had a wish
If I only had a dream
I could make another (one more) scene come true
(last x: I’d write another love scene with you)
If I only had a miracle
If I only had one wish
I would hold it so tight and take it home to you.

If turning back the clock was something
you and I could easily do
We wouldn’t need a miracle,
we wouldn’t need a dream come true
While photographs, memories and stories will see us thru
Maybe all we need is you and me and love
to make it all brand new

Repeat chorus

No more sad eyes tonight
If I could turn back the hands of time
No more reason to cry
Cause we’d be back to once upon a time

Repeat chorus