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Today Slipped Away Richard Hastings

I saw you down at the corner store one day
You and little Jimmy were playing all those games you play
Seemed like our boy had grown an inch or two
Looking like a young man and you were looking mighty fine too

I couldn’t get myself to say hello
Even though I know I know it’s ok with you
Old habits don’t die young you know
But looking back, it ain’t about that

As I was thinking ‘bout my sorrows
And my regrets of yesterday
While I was worrying ‘bout tomorrow
Today slipped away

So I took myself to the bar room
To take a little time to forget
It didn’t take much time to remember
You and Jimmy were heaven sent

When an old man sat down beside me
Man, he was looking mighty spent
When I asked him what was going on
He looked straight ahead and said:
(Repeat chorus)

Summertime came and summertime went
Winter rolled in like an eighteen-wheeler
Then another rolled by yes another one spent
I couldn’t get myself to see her

Cause She looked like she’s moving on
She looked like she’s standing strong
When I finally asked, “what’s going on”
She just smiled and said:

As we were thinking ‘bout our sorrows
And our regrets of yesterday
While we were worrying ‘bout tomorrow
Our Today slipped away

Looks like Jimmy’s growing up real fine
And time’s moving on like a song
But like that old eighteen-wheeler rolling by
He Can’t stop too long
He said, “sorry I haven’t been down to see your dad
It’s a busy world in a busy time
You know I’m a lot like you are
But thinking back it’s a crime”

(Repeat chorus)